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Nairobi Diaries Star Bridget Achieng Reveals She Was Molested As A Child

Bridget Achieng has nothing to show but her sloppy bosom. She markets her bleaach products every opportunity she can get.

Nairobi Diaries Star Bridget Achieng has revealed she was molested as a child by a close relative. Speaking on her recently launched YouTube channel she claimed her uncle handled her in a not so rosy manner. 

She says her father died when she was 12 years old and they lived in Kibera. Her childhood was tough. The parents were both working overtime to provide for the family thus forcing her to stay at her uncles.  Bridget sensationally claimed that she still finds it hard to like men.  She went through several high schools.
From being kicked out by her mom, to loving to dine with the rich while still poor, to being a house help, the voluptuous socialite says it all; no holds barred.
Going by the YouTube comments, many of her viewers were taking the story with a pinch of salt. I couldn't watch the entire video for obvious reasons but you can watch it here.

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