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VIDEO: Sex Tape Of Willy Paul And Akothee Leaked Online By Bahati!

Willy Paul Sex

A sex tape of Willy Paul and Akothee has been leaked online by singer Bahati. The video was released by Bahati after Willy Paul failed to meet demands put forth by Bahati. Bahati had demanded that Willy Paul deletes his YouTube channel and denounce gospel music in all major media stations.
It has emerged that Willy Paul and Akothee have been dating for 6 months now.
Willy Paul refused to delete his channel saying his channel had millions of views and was his major source of income. As for denouncing the gospel industry, he flatly declined in totality saying there was no pay in the secular side. Bahati had no choice but to release the video.
It is said the video was given to Bahati by Akothee who aims to use the scandal to promote her upcoming music. Bahati has since left the gospel industry and is said to be working on a new song with Prezzo. They were seen in The Alchemist bar after a whole afternoon of working in the studio.
Without wasting any more time, here's the video.

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