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How To Survive In A Strip Club- Lessons From A Veteran

How To Survive In A Strip Club- Lessons From A Veteran

The following conversation happens between 1842hrs and 1850hrs.
Names edited to protect identity*.

DU: What is your name?

JD:  Jackson*

DU: Please share your story. What do you know about the mystical world of a strip club?

JD: (Laughs). I have been to strip clubs numerous times. The first half of those sessions were disasters. The second half of times were legendary. I will never forget them. Ever.

DU: What do you mean by 'disasters'

JD: I lost money. I lost my phones. I lost my mind.

DU: Go on.

JD: Look, a strip club is a business as much as it is an entertainment joint. The dancers there are after your money. The owner of the club wants your money. We, men go there to unwind and access evil pleasures that you don’t get anywhere else. In the process, we tend to be reckless.

DU: So, what mistakes do men make in strip clubs?

JD: There are many blunders made. I will list them down.

  • Don’t bring a girlfriend who doesn’t want to be there.
  • If you are new to the club, ask the rules that will save you confusion or bouncers throwing out.
  • For fuck's sake! Ask the price first!
  • Don’t go taking photos. What happens there remains there.
  • Don’t wear scratchy clothing or sharp things. The stripper will adore you.
  • Carry some extra cash to tip them dancers :)
  •  Don’t use your ATM card. Why do you want your name to show up on the most lustful list?
  • Don't choose the hottest chic in the club. They are all hot. The less hot, the more ‘services’ you get.

DU: Wait, that’s it?

JD: Yeah. The final one is, don’t go to get drunk in a strip club. That’s stupid. Alcohol is twice as expensive. Get drunk elsewhere then come finish off there after a night’s out.

DU: Are you sure?

JD: Of course. Go there when there is less traffic and you get more value for money.

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DU: Last question. What is the limit to what you can do there?

JD: No limit, amigo. The strip teases are just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, this weekend I am going.

DU: Can we come?

JD: No

DU: Why?

JD: I am a lone wolf.

How To Survive In A Strip Club- Lessons From A Veteran

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