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Reasons That Prove Bridget Achieng Is A Prostitute

Bridget Achieng Prostitution

Nairobi Diaries has introduced Kenyans to a different kind of human beings. The kind of which has never been seen before. Humans that lie with a straight face on national television and do not even care to take the trouble of making sure the lies are consistent.
And the script has sure worked. A look at any of the episodes gives the viewer a clear picture of just how much corporates have invested into the show.
One alpha that leads the pack is Bridget Achieng. A liar with no honor. Hers is a case of faking it until everything is fake and favorable to her. And now we have reasons to believe she is an escort, a prostitute or both.
A fellow cast member Mishy Dorah has consistently made this claim in the show. The latest case is when she revealed that Bridget was in Nigeria where she offered the business of flesh for Ksh 20,000.
Bridget has also mentioned more times than one that she only dresses up and makes the effort to look good when meeting sponsors.
Bridget’s beef with known escorts in the business also prove her involvement in the trade. In her now defunct YouTube channel she called out one particular one whom she accused of several crimes related to prostitution.
In her latest social media tirades, she called out Vera Sidika and even went ahead to steal her man. The said man is well known in the Dubai circles that socialites parade on social media. He first came to know Vera Sidika when he sought her services. Services he got and dearly paid for.
Now its Bridget’s time to eat as she claimed on Nairobi Diaries. She asked Vera to retire as she had grown old. What is it that Vera is being asked to retire from? What is it that Vera has to retire from for Bridget to thrive? This is a case of supply being way higher than demand and thus competition must be eliminated.
All Kenyans who care to think know that the trips that socialites make to Dubai and Nigeria have nothing to do with vacation or shopping. Many of them now admit they go for business albeit few have the guts to say what kind of business it is. Huddah once sensationally claimed she sells tomatoes in Dubai.
Bridget’s trips to Dubai and Nigeria are documented on her Instagram. But the pictures are only taken in hotel rooms, usually in a bathrobe. Her pictures leave us with no option but to conclude that the bed is her desk. The hotel room her office. And her v*g!na the product she has in the market.
Her close business associate is Nomadic Beryl, a cam girl and a premium escort.

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