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Is William Kabogo Positioning Himself To Be Gideon Moi's Running Mate?

William Kabogo Gideon Moi Running Mate President 2022 William Ruto

William Kabogo may have been dealt a humiliating defeat by a political refugee, as he had referred to 'Babayao' on many occasions, during the 2017 Kiambu gubernatorial contest but that does not mean he bowed out of active politics.
The man quickly changed his image from the combative and over-enthusiastic individual we knew to a reserved nationalist.
William Kabogo Gideon Moi Running Mate President 2022 William Ruto
William Kabogo

Right from when he claimed the Jubilee nominations were rigged and hence his decision to run independently, he has been careful with the battles he chooses to engage in.
Immediately after Waititu was declared the winner, William Kabogo was quick to concede and even attended Waititu's swearing-in ceremony. He handed over power with a smile, albeit a forced one.
Many are saying he has been approached by Gideon Moi to be his running mate for the 2022 presidential battle which is expected to be the most gruesome in the history of the nation.
William Kabogo Gideon Moi Running Mate President 2022 William Ruto
William Kabogo

The choice of William Kabogo by Gideon Moi is a good strategy in itself considering the fact that Kabogo put the blame squarely on William Ruto after the Kiambu humiliation. Gideon Moi could definitely do with a man who has a great resentment towards the DP.
In view of the new developments, Kabogo has been acting his part in showing the country that he is worth the top post.
From advising banks on loans and auctioneers to condemning ethnic cleansing, to sending condolences to bereaved families, Kabogo has set the ball rolling. At least online, for now.

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