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Alex Jones Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Alex Jones Accused Of Sexual Harassment

Infowars owner and king of conspiracy theories Alex Jones has become the latest high profile individual to be accused of sexual harassment by his former employees.
Two former staffers have filed complaints with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against Alex Jones for racial and anti-Semitic slurs and sexual harassment after he groped a female employee.
One of the two former employees was allegedly ridiculed for 13 years before being finally fired last year in May.
Rob Jacobson was called "The Jewish Individual", "The Resident Jew" and staff often shouted "Yacobson" across the room. All these ridicules were laughed at by Infowars owner.
Another female employee Ashley Beckford claims harassment because of her skin color started immediately she joined the company.
She was a production assistant and claims she was subjected to all manners of discrimination and was at one time referred to as a "coon" by a senior person in the management.
Ashley Beckford was also denied promotions and was subjected to working conditions not at par with other non-black employees. She further claims she was groped by Alex Jones after the man initiated a side hug and pretending to offer his sympathies over an incident Ashley Beckford had been involved in.
Alex Jones when reached for comments laughed off the allegations and said he does not comment on former employees. He further said no one talks about Alex Jones like that and went ahead to call the allegations "Total BS."
Read the exclusive article here.

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