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Elodie Zone Explains Why She Broke Up With Sean Andrew Kibaki

Kenyan YouTube sensation, Elodie Zone has finally broken her silence on her much-publicized breakup with Sean Andrew Kibaki. Sean happens to be the grandson of former president Mwai Kibaki. Sean Andrew had hinted that drugs and Elodie's choice of friends to be the reason for their breakup.
Sean Andrew

The couple during happy times

She cited her moving to Paris, France as the major reason for this. She moved countries because an opportunity came up for a family member. Being in a different country shook her, she says. "I was not happy in France, whatsoever", Elodie in a YouTube vlog. She decided to move back and in the process of settling down the break up happened. Moving on swiftly, Elodie Zone has stated her decision to start hanging out with a new group of friends, friends who are "about positive vibes". Her new year resolutions include being more consistent and authentic, having a healthier lifestyle. She regrets cutting off a lot of people that had her back and getting into her life toxic relationships. Her vlog ends with an emotional message to her fans, "I am thankful."
Kenyan ladies continue expressing interest in how old Sean Andrew Kibaki is.

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