Bridget Says Pendo Is A Lesbian And Abuses Cocaine Among Other Things!

The socialites are at it again with their fights. Bridget Achieng has launched a scathing attack on her fellow socialites calling them prostitutes among other unprintable abuses. She took on Pendo by the horns claiming she is a lesbian who sleeps with both men and women. Pendo, according to the plus size socialite, calls her at night after abusing cocaine. This does not end there, she advises her fellow Nairobi Diaries star to reunite with her mother saying she had been rejected by her entire family.
"Molly you are the ugliest woman on earth"
Pendo was not the only target in her rant. She took on Molly, and many others. At one point she sensationally claims many of these socialites have destroyed their v*ginas in the process of selling their bodies. This she came to learn after talking to their gynecologists. This story is just stranger than fiction. Watch and see for yourself.

Also, Nairobi Diaries Star Bridget Achieng Reveals She Was Molested As A Child.

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