13 Year Old Narok Boy Stands Up To A Commander

13 Year Old Narok Boy Stands Up To A Commander

A 13 year old boy has become the world's youngest peace ambassador after holding his own against Rift Valley regional commissioner George Natembeya.

During a peace drive organised in Narok to quell the warring factions of Kipsigis and Maasai communities in Narok County the boy now identified as Dennis Langat exceeded himself and determined to the attendees the imperative of educating their children 

"When you educate your child, they can be successful hence making you to be wealthy and you will become as successful as the police commissioner here, I ask the government to educate me and when I am successful I might be the one coming to change this area," the boy implored.

Dennis strongly told the attendees to resist from blindly executing and following every whim of their political leaders stating that they should know better than to engage in hostile behavior against their neighbors.

He encouraged the parents and community to take the young ones to school instead of sending them into conflict and armed confrontation to carelessly lose their lives on a course of no gain.

Speaking to the peace rally, he reminded his kin elders and leaders that the administration and dispensation of justice must be waited upon and relied on in these matters and that nobody should take the opportunity to harm the other.

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