Alfred Mutua Tries To Speak Luo, He Murders It Like Okoth Obado

Alfred Mutua Tries To Speak Luo, He Murders It Like Okoth Obado

Machakos governor is hands down the one man with so many hats and hands in so many pots he often needs to step away and look for his truths.

Hailed as one of the most transformative governors the nation has had since devolution kicked in, Mutua in his first term is well on the way for history. 

Taking one such break from the humdrum of managing and keeping Machakos from the clutches of cartels both economic and social the governor took to addressing the nation in all of its 43 languages.
Nobody knows how long he has been working on this and how far it will go but suggested guesses have pegged the innovative governor to run for presidency as soon as his tenure in the gubernatorial seat expires. Mastery of these languages will undeniably favor his ascension.
His address to the ever sentimental luo nation was met with aplomb beyond his worth. Tauted as the first and last international language, dholuo is synonymous with pomp and blinding complexity as he was about to discover.
In videos shared on social media many acknowledged his attempt to speak the language and his accent failed him terribly but the man did impress a whole load of people.
Ben Onyango, had a few pointers for the governor
"Daktari, apart from phonation and tonation, the therapist did a great job on your Dholuo a great piece." "Amor," he chided the governor.
The county boss should trace his roots to the lake.m

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