Another Writer Commits Suicide. Jasmine Waters Is Dead

Another Writer Calls her death. And it comes. Jasmine Waters Is Dead

Jasmine Waters was a poor black kid who grew up in an old folk's home and understood ground-level life. 

She brought this perspective to everything she wrote and if you have any taste in what's a good movie you'll agree.

Her sudden death has taken that from the growing audience of her current employment at This Is Us.

As if preempting her demise she tweeted "some sh*t just changes you" and never logged in again.

Whether she had begun the slow but sure descent into the afterlife at the time of this tweet will remain a question unanswered.

Waters at the time of her untimely death lived and worked in Los Angeles, she was a graduate of Columbia College Chicago who philosophized the famous, "You can have anything you are willing to work for." 

Her career spanned many subcultures in the industry of entertainment with notable works in; This Is Us, Hardball, Save The Last Dance, What Men Want, Hood Adjacent, The Breaks, Real World and Kidding.

Confirming her death, This Is Us released a statement on Twitter that read in part of the abject devastation at the information of Jas Waters passing. 

"She was a brilliant storyteller and a force of nature. We send our deepest sympathies to her loved ones. She was one of us. RIP JasFly." 
Jas Fly was 39 at the hour of her unexpected death. Daily Updates

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