Man Narrowly Escapes Death after Insertion S3x.

Man Narrowly Escapes Death after Insertion S3x.

Urethral sounding went horribly awry for one Indian man after successfully intubating 60 cm of a charger cable into his bladder.

In the ever bizarre field of sexual perversion, urethral sounding is an act of $3xual pleasure that involves insertion of liquids or solids via the urethra.

And surgical doctors were once again challenged by one man who presented to them with multiple complaints of stomach aches claiming to have knowingly swallowed a charger cable, while in fact having successfully shoved a 60cm long charging cable through his urethra into the bladder. 

Operating surgeon Wallie Islam reveals that an x-ray examination after unsuccessful operation on the stomach revealed the cable was lodged in the urinary bladder, he adds that in two and a half decades of practice this is indeed the most bizarre of cases to ever make its way into his table.

With his mental health in great question the man confessed to a history of ingesting foreign materials as he now lays in recovery after a 5 day ordeal.

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