Male Feminist Ditched By Wife Who Made Him Have A Vasectomy


Male Feminist Ditched By Wife Who Made Him Have A Vasectomy Nick Ndeda

Former X FM and Kiss FM radio presenter and actor Nick Ndeda has been dumped by his wife of 7 years after Muthoni Gitau in a bizarre twist that was preceded by issues the two claim could not be resolved.

Nick Ndeda has become the object ridicule from the fans of Amerix after claims emerged that he underwent a vasectomy procedure because his ex-wife did not want kids.

He has refuted the allegations, instead insisting that he cut off his pipes because he does not want kids. This comes months after a woman went on Twitter to protest that Nick had a kid with him and that he has refused to take responsibility.

Nick was in the news a few months ago after the couple announced on their YouTube channel that they would be moving out of the city and settling in the cold and unforgiving hills of Limuru in the middle of a tea plantation, surrounded by dogs, cats and cows.

Muthoni Gitau had secured a colonial house and immediately embarked on renovating it to suit her preferences. 

A number of fans felt like Nick was being forced into the move, because he is known to love the city life, with his favorite food being the Sanford fries. He also works at the city theaters.

Muthoni Gitau, a self proclaimed unconventional human being directly accused Nick Ndeda of neglecting his plans, and in effect interfering with her own plans because he cannot stay focused. 

She is arguably the most talent human being the Kenyan creative space with her talents spanning from interior design, to hair and beauty, and acting. Her two YouTube channels have been gaining popularity across the continent over the past few years.

Even though she did not elaborate further, it was clear that Nick Ndeda was derailing her train and she could no longer accommodate him.

Nick Ndeda has previously talked about disappointing Muthoni a number of times in the past. During his Engage talk, he spoke remorsefully of being given second chances by the DIY content creator.

Sources close to the families of both individuals have intimated to Daily Updates Africa that some of the strong stances Muthoni swears and lives by irked Nick's side in ways more than one. 

Allegations that he has a kid outside their own agreement could have been the tipping point.

Nick Ndeda becomes the second victim Muthoni Gitau has left in her wake as she seeks to discover herself. She first abandoned her vegan lifestyle claiming she wanted to explore more diets. 

It is not clear who will keep the two cats the couple was parenting together.

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