Exclusive: Why Uhuru Kenyatta's TV Cancelled Nairobi Diaries

Exclusive: Why Uhuru Kenyatta's TV Cancelled Nairobi Diaries
Nairobi Diaries exited our screens with the same style it entered. Profiting on Kenyans' untenable love for gossip, the show became an instant hit and was arguably the most watched during its time of existence.
It is now emerging that the show was prematurely cancelled under unclear circumstances. Our exclusive sources at Kijabe Streets shared with us confidential minutes of closed door meetings that led to the purge of Nairobi Diaries.
The producers of the show were demanding a fatter pay cheque arguing that its massive audience had given the Uhuru Kenyatta owned television station a much needed lifeline after strategies employed by other media houses almost brought TV station to its knees.
The producers were also not happy with the contract clause that allowed K24 to upload the episodes to its own YouTube channel even though Ink Productions Limited was also doing so.They wanted the clause done away with.
Ink Productions did not agree with K24's decision to continue bleeping cursing words and profanities that are synonymous with the show's cast. This is after numerous complaints from the show's fans that censoring the words sometimes significantly changed the context of conversations in the show.
All these demands were reasonable, at least by K24 show programmers' standards, and they agreed to look into them to strike a compromise.
However, the straw that broke the camel's back was the demand by K24 that the show stops hiring and providing legitimacy to commercial sex workers.
It is an open secret that a big percentage of Nairobi Diaries' cast consists of commercial sex workers. In fact, a new entry into the show, a short lady from Mombasa is a street level commercial sex worker who had been operating from Mtwapa until she was hired by the show. Another light skin male is also a know Ben 10 famous for servicing female Salon owners in Kilimani estate in Nairobi and in Nyali, Mombasa.
Bridget Achieng also recently confessed to being a prostitute.
The producers do not want to let go of these people because they are always willing to accept a smaller pay as compared to more established celebrities like Silvia Njoki who cut links with the show after only one season.
The show is now actively negotiating with other media stations and there rumors that it might run the next season on Ebru.

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