This Is What Tony Gachoka Has Been Up To 😂

This Is What Tony Gachoka Has Been Up To

The former aide of Raila Odinga has been off the radar for some time now following a disastrous public life that saw his dirty linen being washed in the open for all to see and a habit that almost cost him his life.
Tony Gachoka resigned to a quiet life at the Kenyan coast perhaps to quell the disorder that he was entirely responsible for starting. He shared photos of his serene home in Diani saying that he was enjoying retirement.
Tony Gachoka, who is Ciku Muiruri's brother, made headlines for all the wrong reasons when he appeared on a live television broadcast in a drunken stupor in what could have been easily described as theater of the absurd.
During that interview, he viciously attacked Anne Waiguru and William Ruto hurling profanities at them as the show's host, Jeff Koinange cheered him on.
Later on it emerged that he was a wife batterer who was not fending for his family and directing all his earnings to alcohol.
His online presence is still there albeit not as strong as before and has expressed his wishes that Raila Odinga becomes president in 2022.

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