Lamba Lolo Si Hio Ni Kiriminoo? Funky Wanjigi Song Caps A Crazy 2018 In Kenyan Music

Just when we thought we had enough of crazy and catchy, a new song, dubbed Wanjigi after Kenya's famous businessman, Jimmy Wanjigi, is fresh off the oven straight to you.
After Lamba Lolo, Sponyo, Kiriminoo ,the new track, Wanjigi, is the latest street anthem to grace the Kenyan trap music scene.
2018 has seen a good number of such anthems dominate the airwaves. We have heard the tunes of Lamba lolo, Sponyo, Kirimino among others in what appears as a strategic plan by upcoming artists to add their contributions to the music industry.
The song explores the fancy lifestyle of business tycoon, Jimmy Wanjigi, whose fame exploded during the double elections of 2017.
The song has a tagline "scheming on the low like Wanjigi." The artists deliver line by line of how they are "scheming on the low" to get the money, influence, power, and street credibility.
The song by 4Play Music was produced by 5 Star records based in Nairobi. This group consists of four artists; Kibagendi, MTG, Alfonse, H-Shawn and Madredi who deliver line by line of well thought content throughout the song.

The song is of a similar vein as the Lamba lolo, Kirimino, and Sponyo tracks that have pushed boundaries and are largely products of newbies in the industry.
The song starts with a small recap of the "wanjigi challenge" that went viral before the individual artists drop lines of how they are "scheming on the low like wanjigi." The businessman's perceived life and dealings receive well-crafted lyrics from the 3 men and lady group.
The upbeat high life tune is catchy enough to leave trap music and hip-hop fanatics yearning for more.
4Play Music comprises of Kibagendi, MTG, Alfonse,H-Shawn and Madredi.

Here's the video and as always, when we feature it, it's definitely going to blow up. Watch it!

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