You Will Never Be A Man! Miguna Miguna Embarrasses Raila's Lawyer

You Will Never Be A Man! Miguna Miguna Embarrasses Raila's Lawyer

Canadian lawyer Miguna Miguna is has once again ruffled feathers this time directing his missiles at lawyer Donald Kipkorir whose masculinity he questioned in the harshest of ways.

Using his favorite platform, Twitter, Miguna Miguna did not mince his words in calling Donald Kipkorir a thief who has participated in the looting of national resources.

Crooked Slay Queen Donald Kipkorir waiting for Crooked Amos Wako in Cayman Island where the despots and Con-Men are hiding our trillions. Look at the crook's breasts and legs! Stolen loot will never make them REAL MEN!

It is not clear why Miguna Miguna decided to link Donald Kipkorir to the woes currently facing the former attorney general Amos Wako who has recently been banned from traveling to the United States due to the corruption deals he allegedly participated in during his stint as Kenya's longest serving attorney general.

Dennis Itumbi coined the term Slay Queen Lawyer due to Donald's love for posting pictures of food he eats and pictures of him in planes and with several slay queens in the country like Huddah Monroe.

The lawyer's love for Raila Odinga and criticism of those who oppose the former prime minister like William Ruto and Miguna Miguna has made him enemies.

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