Larry Madowo Kissing Miss Universe Kenya! Will This Break The Internet?

Larry Madowo kissed Evelyn Njambi On Set

On Friday the 3rd Ntv presented Larry Madowo hosted Miss Universe Kenya Evelyn Njambi on his show The Trend.

Evelyn Njambi is back from the Miss Universe event held in the Philippines where she performed dismally after being asked a question about Donald Trump, she was not prepared and her response was unimpressive.

Larry Madowo kissed Evelyn Njambi On Set

The interview ended on a rather perky and touchy note with the NTV presenter kissing the towering model on the cheeks. This, obviously shouldn't make the news with the ongoing problems in government and beyond but it is the choice of words by the station's YouTube channel that is causing ripples.
The video's title screams, "Larry's kiss with Miss Universe Kenya set to break the internet." This is a perfect case of click bait where the title of the video has been carefully crafted to attract attention and encourage people to click on it. 
We leave the viewers to decide. Watch the video below.

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