SHENZI ! Francis Atwoli Rebukes Vandal Who Brought Down His Road Post Yet Again

Francis Atwoli Sign

If you have been keen, the government decided to honour Kenya's most vocal workers' right defender by naming a road after him.

The Francis Atwoli road was named after Mr. Francis Atwoli NOM (DZA), CBS, EBS, MBS as a way of giving thanks for his service.

 However, some Kenyans don't seem to approve as they have repeatedly pulled down the road sign in an act of defiance.
In an equal act of stubbornness, the government has reinstalled the sign each time.

In the latest vanadalism episode, Mr.Atwoli went on Twitter to express his disappointment in the persistent individuals who do not want him to prosper.

He posted the following statement:

Francis Atwoli Statement Twitter

So who has been pulling down this sign? We do not know.

Why is neither party giving up? We don't know.

Meanwhile, we'll keep on the look out for further drama as it unfolds.

All we can say is:


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