The Tragic Life Story of Andrew Kibe and How He Is Fighting Back


The Tragic Life Story of Andrew Kibe and How He Is Fighting Back

In his twenties, Andrew Kibe was doing well for himself and everything was going according to plan. He got into a marriage and had many hopes for the future he hoped to build with his beloved wife. 

Life had other plans for Andrew Kibe. In a sad twist of events, the marriage ended in a tragedy that left Andrew Kibe bruised and in a hole he has never climbed out of.

In his thirties, Andrew Kibe would then find solace in the church. Together with childhood friends like Robert Burale, he served in several churches in Langata in true evangelism fashion carrying a Bible around and performing miracles.

Picking himself up, Andrew Kibe ran for the Langata parliamentary seat hoping that the neighborhood he had grown up in would send him to parliament. He borrowed money and ran a campaign that ended in a humiliating defeat.

At the end of it all, Andrew Kibe was left heavy in debt and deflated from the grueling elections. 

Reflecting on the days preceding the election day, he came into the realization that the people he thought were his friends had blindly led him into the fire, while embezzling the funds he had entrusted him with and not being honest with him about his prospects.

As the careers of his friends in church progressed, Andrew Kibe stagnated. He claims that the Christians refused to make him a pastor because he wasn't a liar. He left the church and turned to the bottle.

Andrew Kibe then decided to fly to India. He claims he was working on an app idea. When he returned in 2016, the internet was not prepared for him and the new direction he was taking.

Armed with a phone camera on the rooftop of an unfinished building in Langata, Andrew Kibe started uploading videos that spewed hate on women and called upon men to be vigilant.

He urged men to hit and run, trashed the concept of relationships and marriage, and preached against everything he stood for during his church days with Robert Burale.

In a barrage of videos that never stopped coming, Andrew Kibe quickly became a villain in a small community of dissatisfied men that needed a hero. He soon had an army that shared his videos everywhere and before anyone knew it, he was a household name.

Andrew Kibe ended up on NRG Radio, running the radio's breakfast show with Kamene Goro. Their on-air chemistry was embraced by the audience and their prospects rose so fast. They were soon poached by Radio Africa.

Quickly reading the room, Kamene Goro cleaned up her act and settled at Radio Africa where the rules were more stringent due to tougher scrutiny by the regulators and advertisers. Andrew Kibe refused to compromise.

His abrasive nature earned him a few enemies, and when time to renew their contracts came, he was shown the door.

Kibe thought other radio stations would run to him with deals, he would soon realize he was too hot to touch. He had been blacklisted by the mainstream media. 

He lost his house, his car and friends, he slept on the couch of the friend that remained, and spent his days on Instagram drowning in alcohol and debt.

Many who know him have described him as an alcoholic who lacks the work ethic to keep a job or utilize his talents. 

He has also been accused of being juvenile on the issue of relationships and trying to blame all women for the problems he couldn't resolve with one.

Andrew Kibe has since moved to the United States where he lives with an old friend in Texas. 

As the clock ticks on his Visa, it remains to be seen how Andrew Kibe will fight the demons waiting for him in Langata Estate.

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