Why Kibra People Must Reject Satanic Mariga At All Costs

Why Kibra People Must Reject Satanic Mariga At All Costs

The people of Kibra Constituency have found themselves caught in the crossfire of the battle for the control of the country between Raila Odinga and William Ruto.

The member of parliament seat for Kibra Constituency was left vacant after the tragic death of Ken Okoth after a long battle against cancer. He was arguably the most hardworking MP in the country with an impeccable record especially in the education sector.

With a by-elections coming up within the next few weeks, the ground has been set for politicians to test their strength with William Ruto planting MacDonald Mariga in the race to challenge whoever Raila Odinga's party will pick.

Kibra Constituency is one of Raila Odinga's strongholds and losing the seat would be the clearest indication that he's losing his political grip to William Ruto.

Many people have advised the people of Kibra to reject Mariga at all costs saying he has done nothing but cause pain and destruction among the Kenyan youth.

MacDonald Mariga led a massive campaign for one of the leading sports betting sites in the country, and through his influence many young people signed up and consequently are wasting their little savings in gambling.

By selling his soul to the devil of gambling, he took the souls of young people along and for that he does not deserve political office according to the Kenyans.

Mariga has never lived in Kibra and is said to have visited his aunt only once in the slums during his childhood. It is said that he spent two nights during that visit and stayed indoors for reasons only known to him.

MacDonald Mariga was born and raised in Landi Mawe. It is not clear how he will manage to solve the problems of one the most complex places in Africa with unique problems that require years of experience to solve.

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  1. A leader should be judged on content of character not ethnic or geographical affiliation


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