EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Tewa and Frankie Are Dating

EXCLUSIVE: Natalie Tewa and Frankie Are Dating

Daily Updates can conclusively report that Natalie Tewa is dating Frankie Deonly alias Frankie Just Gym It who recently broke up with his wife Maureen Waititu. Frankie was allegedly cheating on Maureen.

After a nasty breakup that was hugely documented on social media, mainstream media and in an apartment block in Nairobi, Natalie Tewa is finally moving on and has dipped her toe into the dating world again.

Natalie Tewa was accused of cheating by her then Ugandan boyfriend Rnaze who went ahead to delete her Instagram content and some of her YouTube videos. The two later reconciled after Vera Sidika intervened but said their relationship could not be salvaged.

Frankie Just Gym It was also left by Maureen Waititu under the same circumstances. He was the culprit in this case.

How Natalie Tewa Broke The Marriage Of Maureen Waititu

The newest couple in town are arguably the most sought after in their own right. Many women have confessed their love and admiration for Frankie who has a child with Maureen Waititu.

Xtian Dela, a junior employee of Jeff Koinange, is also on the record saying he loves Frankie's muscles and the luggage he carries below his waist. He described his crush on Frankie on a YouTube video on homosexuality.

Frankie holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) with honors in Business and Combined studies, a Master of Science in International Business Management and an Advanced Diploma in Personal training and Sports Nutrition.

Natalie Tewa is a United Kingdom trained engineer.

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