Gladys Shollei Denies Corruption, Says Kenyan Accountants Are Incompetent

Gladys Shollei Denies Corruption Says Kenyan Accountants Are Incompetent

Former Chief Registrar of the Kenyan Judiciary, Gladys Shollei had her words taken out of context during an interview with a local TV station.
Speaking during the interview she insinuated that fight against corruption should stop first so that Kenya can get better accountants.

"Before we start pointing out where corruption is; the question we should be asking ourselves is if we are producing the right accountants in this country if we continue having challenges with the most basic audits."

This comes after a damning expose at the Maasai Mara University where the Vice-Chancellor was dragged into an embarrassing corruption scandal.

Here are some of the comments that followed:

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