Umama. This Nairobi Man Wears Shower Caps To Save Money

Umama. This Nairobi Man Wears Shower Caps To Save Money

If he was doing it in the privacy of his house and had rasta dreads, then it's fine. But a Facebook user has spilt the beans on how some modern and young Nairobi men wear shower caps. Reason? To save money used in Kinyozi.

A female Facebook user shared the tales of her friend who has a crush on this man in his early 20's.

Leave these landlord MCMs alone, kuna wale wabaya.
A friend (really tempted to share her name) once found a shower cap in her mcm's house. Upon asking, he told her how he now showers in one coz ame notice aki shower tu hivyo nywele inamea haraka and he has to keep going to the kinyozi.
Fam, he proceeded to wear that shower cap akioga.
sasa wewe niambie, at 22-23 years old utakosaje kuamini? A whole MCM in a shower cap.
Wanaume mnakuwanga na mashetani nyingi sana btw.

Umama. This Nairobi Man Wears Shower Caps To Save Money

She started the post by mentioning our all time favourite landlord MCM who is now fighting the battle of his life after his female housemate became his wife without his knowledge.

Welcome to the city of drama and crazy happenings that will leave you laughing out loud.


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