Exposed: How Evil Catholic Sister At Mary Hills Thika Molested Schoolgirls

There really is no limit on the damage inflicted upon our children in boarding schools by school administrators and it is high time we reined these mad horses to a halt.

Just days after former students of Limuru Girls High School and Alliance Girls High School came out to decry the inappropriate advances made by Pastor Ken Gomeri towards them and other girls, shocking details by a suare coming out about the activities of nuns in Mary Hills Girls High School Thika.

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A social media user detailed how students would be drugged in the school and get molested in the pretense that they were possessed by the demon. According to the social media user, the main orchestrator of these shameful acts was none other than the principal herself who happened to be a nun.
That the girls in our high school who we were told were "demon possessed" were actually being drugged and molested for weeks and we could hear them screaming throughout the night but the nun told us it was 'the devil' refusing to leave them. πŸ˜­πŸ’”
The school is Maryhill thika....the nun was the principal.we barely went to class, spent all our days "praying with the pastors" at first it was great cos we skipped class but a month in, everyone was uneasy.the"demon possessed" were kept in the nuns house and "prayed" for..
What really happened in the house I don't know for sure, but one of the girls just spoke up via a forum on telegram and all the things that happened during that period are coming back to us...we had all pushed it to the back of our minds.
We were scared girls, held hostage by the highest authority in the school.when she left a year later we all just moved on and never spoke about it.
I dont know if those who were in that house can even remember what happened, they always came back disoriented...but my guess is if it happened to one, then what about the rest??? Cause they were many!!
The nun is still alive btw! ! I hope this catches up with her, especially for the sake of the one who spoke up, one girl's life was altered and she should pay for it.

Although Daily Updates shared the comments of the lady on Twitter, we cannot confirm or deny this claim. Our work is to report so that the relevant authorities can investigate and get to the bottom of this. The views and account are solely of the said social media user.


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