'Stop Acting Like A Moron'. Miguna Begs Raila

'Stop Acting Like A Moron'. Miguna Begs Raila

In a series of rants on Twitter, Miguna Miguna has continued to warn Raila over what the handshake portends for him come 2022. After a miserly and bloody end to the 2017 election, Dr Miguna Miguna continues to be the prophet that no one will listen to. Is he on to something?

As the lawyer who helped administer Raila Odinga's oath to ascend to temporary People's Presidency, Miguna Miguna might have had Rao's best interests at heart.

However, after claiming that Kenya's People's President ignored him during his tribulations and arrest, Miguna wrote a book on the unfolding of that fateful day.

This was not the first time he slings mud at Raila Odinga, after an earlier fall out made him write a previous book 'Peeling Back The Mask'  that took shots at the Former Prime Minister.

Now wary of the Handshake, Dr Miguna Miguna is at it again, giving warnings that some believe while others ignore.

He writes;

He mentions Robert Godec, a former US envoy to Kenya as a culprit in the rigging of the 2017 elections.

Miguna Miguna adds that the Anglo-American imperialists are using Raila Odinga to progress their interests. He adds that although they might promise it, they won't help Raila Odinga in 2022.

Is Raila planning to run again?


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