Xtian Dela Hitting On Me. Pastor Ken Gomeri Responds To Predator Claims

Xtian Dela Hitting On Me. Pastor Ken Gomeri Responds To Predator Claims

Disgraced pastor and hockey coach of Alliance Girls High School Pastor Ken Gomeri has come out to defend himself against allegations leveled against him against Copy Paste Twitter, Telegram and Instagram user Arthur Mandela who calls himself Xtian Dela.

Arthur Mandela had accused the youthful pastor of making inappropriate advances to young school going girls in school events, in church and sometimes in his now infamous Subaru car.

In a WhatsApp message sent out to an unknown group, Pastor Ken Gomeri seeks to inform the group members that the JKL employee is hitting on him for the second time and went ahead to call him a "worse less" dog.

The screaming grammatical and typographical errors in the message could be attributed to the anger he was feeling at the time of typing and we cannot ascertain for sure that that is how he speaks and writes.
 Hey guys hope you are well. Just to bring you speed, Xtian again has decided to hit on me. This will be the second attempt after the first one. It's sad but I have no energy and strength to reply to a worthless dog like this who had no purpose. He normally waits after I do something big which bothers him that he can longer be in raise your game and it's becaming a force to try and destroy me. This too shall pass don't be hurt broken or burden we shall conquer with God in our side it will be possible. Let's keep doing the good work. He has over stepped but I choose to be still and you my people and family do the same guard your heards don't me sad of shaken me am fine on my way to Meru School to use my energy to work not to fight a puposeless dog such as this. He reward will be greater thank you.
Xtian Dela Hitting On Me. Pastor Ken Gomeri Responds To Predator Claims
Gomeri's Response

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