Ugandan Peasants Are Furious That A Kenyan Was Named The Face Of #MissCurvyUganda

Ugandan Peasants Are Furious That A Kenyan Was Named The Face Of #MissCurvyUganda Grace Msalame

Republic of Uganda has recently declared curvy women as one of the tourist attractions alongside wild animals, mountains and its lakes. The decision to use Grace Msalame in a poster that is promoting an upcoming pageant seems to have rubbed most of the Ugandans the wrong way.
The decision to make curvy women a tourist attraction was apparently anchored on the fact that Ugandans take curves very seriously and women with curves come in handy during traditional ceremonies.
Many people received the news with skepticism with some saying it was a scheme by those in the leadership of the East African country with the aim of embezzling funds. Some thought that it was toxic masculinity in play. The tourism minister is a man and he has been on the forefront promoting the whole thing.
A section of Ugandans however were irked by the fact Grace Msalame was the face of the whole thing. Many will agree however that the mother of two is the most curvaceous lady in East and Central Africa and it may have been a good idea to plaster her face on the posters.

Many bizarre things have been happening in Uganda of late. The country recently tried to shut down the website of one of the leading newspapers in the country. They have also passed a law that blocks adult sites from being accessed in Uganda.
The most controversial law that ever came from the landlocked country is the one that banned women from wearing miniskirts in public.

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