Meet The Formidable Army Of Online Influencers Paid By Dr Owuor's Promise Of Heaven

Meet The Formidable Army Of Online Influencers Paid By Dr Owuor's Promise Of Heaven

Like a child who discovers a new toy, the followers of Dr David Owuor are brandishing a mighty weapon that they found only recently. When waging the war against non-believers on TV and Radio did not work well, they turned to a hidden power: Twitter. They now trend when they want.

The turning point came when several news outlets in Kenya covered that the Prophet always moved under the country with police chaser cars and heavy security. Sources say a high profile meeting within the ranks of the Repentance and Holiness Ministry was held and something was to be done.
As they fought these media outlets, it was easy for them to give them a black out, so that would not be effective.

A brilliant idea came. A huge number of the followers of the ministry had smartphones and a considerable number were already on Twitter and Facebook. To ready for battle, they sent out broadcasts on several of their Whatsapp groups and asked many to join Twitter. At particular times of the day, they would all tweet under a specified hashtag.

The Twitter algorithm is easy to figure out. Have thousands of tweets including one hashtag over a sustained period and your campaign will rise like cream on a glass of milk.

The war had begun.

20th December, 2018
Operation: #SomeoneTellMutai
This was after blogger Abraham Mutai wrote articles and tweets that implied that the mightiest prophet of the Lord was a fraud. His followers were having none of it.


1st January ,2019
Operation: #BoycottCitizenFakeNews
This was after the media outlet covered features that insinuated Dr Owuor was getting unapproved security from Kenya police. They claimed that the media used old footage.

Fake news is SIN. Those who spread and those who consume equally fall. Those preparing for ETERNITY MUST
2nd February ,2019
Operation: #SomeoneTellNjokiChege
After the controversial writer wrote an article called 'It is time to rein in these religious quacks'. This was after the furore surrounding the Kenyan gospel industry where two artists were accused of rape and the country went ham on them.
The Owuor army rose and sought to defend their prophet and this hashtag as of time of publication is still trending.
Hebrews 12:14 can't get betterMore appalled by you 
I took my sick sister ,with hope of getting healed, to Nakuru Meeting and YES! THE GOD OF THE MIGHTIEST PROPHET healed her which you didn't report. You reported other things-lies. How my family distrust you.
That these are true miracles and holiness is the irreducible benchmark to entry into The Kingdom of Heaven 

Hebrews 12:14

Make every effort to live in peace with all menand to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord
These are just few hashtags that they made trend on Twitter. There are many more.

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