Here's Why Njoki Chege Is Facing The Wrath Of Dr David Owuor

Here's Why Njoki Chege Is Facing The Wrath Of Dr David Owuor

Only a fortnight after penning down an article that stipulated she would not go back to her days of  take-no-prisoners approach on issues and people, Njoki Chege has delivered a scathing attack on the mightiest prophet of the Lord in ways that the man of God will find hard to recover from.
The article titled "It is time to rein in these religious quacks", the City Girl leaves no holds barred as she seeks to demystify the half truths and outright lies that the mightiest prophet of the Lord peddles to his ever gullible believers.
Njoki Chege attacks everything that is there to be attacked about Dr David Edward Owuor. She calls him a bearded nutcase that must be stopped at all costs. Among the adjectives she uses to describe a man whose believers say raised a dead woman are toxic, predatory, a shameless avuncular crook and a self absorbed charlatan.
It is not lost on Njoki Chege, a PhD student of the University of Nairobi, that she has previously used the same platform to attack the Kiunas and other prosperity gospel peddlers. She suggests that while they all belong in the same boat, the sinking of Dr Owuor should be treated with the urgency it deserves.
While acknowledging that the Nakuru based prophet enjoys protection from governments, Njoki Chege suggests that the same government must conduct a crackdown and put the prophet where he belongs, jail.
The jail statement seemed to have irked the followers of the prophet. With their data bundles ready, they went to battle on Twitter all armed in CAPS LOCK and continue to drag Njoki Chege through the mud question everything about her including her employer's credibility and her ability, or lack thereof, to handle the weighty issue of God.
Using the hashtag #SomeoneTellNjokiChege, the loyal servants of Kings' Outreach Church are stopping at nothing to remind Njoki Chege that no other man in the land has ever healed leprosy or raised the dead, and none will see the kingdom of their prophet's father before touching the hem of the suit she calls oversize.
This is not the first time the mightiest prophet of the Lord has released his minions to attack someone with different views than those he holds.
The social media military wing of the Ministry of Repentance and Holiness has waged fiery battles against Narok based blogger Lord Abraham Mutai, former business partners Kenya Television Network and Nation Media Group and all sinners who refuse to conform to their church's ways and ignore warning calls by their leader.
No one has gone to war with the prophet's Unsullied and lived to write about victory. The blind army moves forward towards fire and many have compared them to extremists and terrorists. But Njoki Chege is seasoned in battle too. She has tackled the high and mighty in society with her pen. It will be interesting to see how this ends.


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