Moses Kuria Says Big 4 Agenda Is A Hoax And Proves It

Moses Kuria Says Big 4 Agenda Is A Hoax And Proves It

Moses Kuria is very controversial yet sometimes he says things that actually make sense. The legislator posted an analysis of the Big 4 Agenda (Housing Plan) and proved through maths that it is actually impossible (16 houses per hour) to finish by the end of the Jubilee administration in 2022. Check this out.

According to the Big 4 Agenda housing plan, the government is to deliver at least half a million affordable and social housing units by 2022.

In an analysis on Facebook, Moses Kuria asks;

This is why we need to work extremely hard to achieve the Big 4.
We have 42 months left in the current term of the Jubilee Government
To build 500,000 houses within the 42 months left, we need to build 11,905 houses per month from today going forward
That means 397 houses per day (Including Weekends). This weekend alone we should build 1,000 houses.
Every hour we should build 16 houses.
Tomorrow I leave Nairobi at noon for my friend David (Not Dennis) Itumbi’s Ngurario in Embu. Kenya will have seen 192 new houses by that time
If we have around 42 months left in the current term, of Jubilee, Kenya should build 16 houses every hour.
The sarcasm in the post shows how the Big 4 Agenda is a dream that will only exist on paper and be tough to implement.
This is also considering that months have passed since the new government was inaugurated.
To make matters worse, a lot of politicking has gone on both at the national government and county levels, which has made it ever harder to accomplish anything.

Moses Kuria might be a bit extra sometimes, but this posts gives a glimpse into the world of political promises that are sensational and impractical.

Moses Kuria Says Big 4 Agenda Is A Hoax And Proves It

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