Kumawood: The Ghana Film Industry Kenyans Are Uncomfortable About

For Ghanaians, this was a brilliant idea. In line with global film industries like Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood, they named their industry after their city of Kumasi. However, Swahili speaking countries find this a bit of an uncomfortable mouthful.

A tweet by BBC Africa reminded us of the nature of global languages and how one word might mean several things in different dialects. Particularly, some words could be proper in one lexicon but absolutely vulgar in others.

Of course, Kenyans saw this and shared their thoughts on what this means.

BBC took over to clarify some things just in case..

For those of you who do not understand Swahili, the first four letters of Kumawood mean 'female genitalia' while the rest of the word associate with 'male genitalia' in slang.
Wow, what a combination.
By the time we published this, the Ghanaians refused to comment and kept saying the name of the industry came up long time ago and Kenyans should just get their minds out of the gutter.
Good luck with that!


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