Crying Maraga Roasted Online, Uhuru Says: Get Used To It

Crying Maraga Roasted Online, Uhuru Says: Get Used To It #JudiciaryMassageParlour

Chief Justice Maraga expressed his frustrations after an online campaign smeared him and the Judiciary as enablers of corruption. President Uhuru teased him saying he was the one who halted an effort to muzzle bloggers and should therefore 'get used to it' and move on.

A hashtag appeared on Twitter attacking the Judiciary in the form of #JudiciaryMassageParlour.
The tweets were accompanied with digitally edited photos of members of the Judiciary, including the CJ, massaging criminals.

Here are some examples;

Seeing these, the Chief Justice vented saying that the war against corruption cannot be won with such gimmicks.

Here is his speech;

President Kenyatta gave his reply when he got the chance, saying the CJ should get used to bloggers.


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