VIDEO - Socialite Huddah Launches Her Huddah Cigars

Huddah Cigars launch price

After a long wait, it seems that Huddah Monroe has launched her self branded cigars that will be available to you soon. In a video on Instagram, Huddah shared a scene of herself smoking one of her cigars. Her target market is uptown rich women who smoke cigars for entertainment.

However, she captioned the image, saying that SMOKING is harmful to your health .... do it at your own risk!

The tobacco industry is a billion dollar industry and Huddah ventures into this market knowing that she will have lifetime customers.

Here is the video;

In late 2018, she had shared a picture of herself and Jeff Koinange having a smoke and christened herself 'Cigar Baby'.

Considering that Kenyans are loyal to brands and are curious, we are sure this business is going to grow big.


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VIDEO - Socialite Huddah Launches Her Huddah Cigars

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