Blow To Muslims As Supreme Court Bans Hijab In School

Uncertainty deepens over religious inclusion in Kenya as Supreme Court banned the wearing of hijabs in Kenyan schools. The Court Of Appeal had overturned the decision to ban the Islam head attire but now the highest court on the land has given a final say.

In 2016, Justices Phillip Waki, Roselyne Nambuye and Patrick Kiage, directed that the ministry of Education should ensure new rules on school uniform are made and should not discriminate students based on their religion.

The case started in the High Court when students from a school in Isiolo complained that the school does not allow hijabs.

The trustees of the Methodist Church, which sponsors the Mixed Day Secondary School was strongly opposed to wearing hijabs and trousers from the onset and took the matter to the Appellate Court. When the Court of Appeal agreed to have hijabs worn, the church took the case to the Supreme Court of Kenya.

In summary, the High Court made the hijab illegal, the Court of Appeal made it legal, and now the Supreme Court has made it illegal. Initial opposition to the hijab was because it allegedly was 'illegal and discriminatory'.

However, the judges ruled that every school has a right to determine its rules. This means that some schools can still allow hijabs if they want.

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