Immense Blow To Al Shabaab As US Airstrike Kills Over 50 Militants

Immense Blow To Al Shabaab As US Airstrike Kills Over 50 Militants

A statement by the US Africa Command confirms that over 50 Al Shabaab were killed in an airstrike that comes after they attacked Somali National Armed Forces.

This strike comes hot on the heels of the death of 21 individuals in 14 Riverside, Nairobi after  Al Shabaab militants laid siege on the office complex on 15 January.

Here is the official statement;

The US has supported the AMISOM troops in Somalia in the fighting of the terror group that has killed hundreds in their attacks in the past years.

Daily Updates got a past article in which a former affiliate of Al Shabaab (now deceased) questions the leadership style within the terror group.

So Fazul found himself at odds with al Shabaab’s Somali leadership. I interviewed a Somali intelligence source who was given access to some of Fazul’s writings seized by his agency in 2011. They described growing “fissures,” revealing that “Fazul thought, essentially, that al Shabaab is going the wrong way, that the traditional warfare that’s going on between al Shabaab and the government was not sustainable anymore.” Fazul alleged that al Shabaab was recruiting young people, but then “in a few months they’re just sending them as suicide bombers. And he thought that was such a bad idea, and that in the long run it would just erode fighters out of al Shabaab.” The source added: “I mean this guy’s looking way ahead, and he’s accusing the al Shabaab leadership of being shortsighted.”

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