Kenya's Chief Atheist Says CBK Targeted Him For His Beliefs

Chief Atheist Says CBK Targeted Him For His Beliefs

Kenya's chief atheist, Harrison Mumia, now says he believes the Central Bank of Kenya targeted him for his atheism. Speaking during an interview with Tuko, Mumia joked that the 'thunder Christians have prayed for has finally hit me'.

The President of the Atheists Society of Kenya was sacked by the employer after tweets of a political nature appeared on his Twitter timeline. He continues to insist that the tweets were not his own. He claims that his account was compromised during the time in question.

Asked whether he thinks he should apologise to people his tweets have offended, he said that you should unfollow him if you do not agree with his views.

He recently posted on social media that God does not exist because he would have stopped the terror attacks at 14 Riverside and all the other attacks that happened since 1998.

He calls himself a 'realist' and urges Kenyans to be more critical of religious leaders who are scamming poor Kenyans.

The firing comes after a lengthy case where he appealed to his employer but his appeal was rejected.

'Many other employees make political statements on social media. This was just a targeting.'

Here is the interview;

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