How Kenyan Women Use Rexona To Get More Pleasure Rounds From Men

The Rexona deodorant was designed to help people to smell nice and mask the smell of sweat. Then a woman got curious and gave it its second job - a pleasure toy. Now it has its third job. Confessions by Kenyan couples show that the deo is used as a male desensitizer. Yup, reduce the feelings and get longer and more rounds for the culture 🤣.

In medicine, an active substance called Lidocaine reduces sensitivity of the man-tree just before intercourse. As a result, users can delay premature ejaculation.

As you know, and as can be witnessed by Otile Brown, being a many minute man is a favourite of the ladies.

Kenyan ladies who care for their men are now using the Rexona deo for this same function. Although not medically sanctioned, necessity became the mother of invention and for the randy women who need more wood for the fire, this had to work.

It is unknown if this is done without protection as the chemical may have side effects on the woman.

However, to fulfil and quench the thirst, they do what they have to do.

A significant population of men suffer from premature ejaculation and penile dysfunction due to bad health or use of drugs.

Maybe this is the savior?

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