France Throws Tantrums After Italy Says That The French Still Exploit Africa

The truth hurts. But it hurt France more when an Italian politician said that countries like France impoverish Africa and make people leave to try get into Europe. In the process, many migrants die in the Mediterranean sea. He added that France is only the 6th biggest world economy because it feeds on Africa and it should be 15th.

A diplomatic row might be brewing between neighbours France and Italy after Italian deputy prime minister said that France had "never stopped colonising tens of African states". He said that the European Union should impose sanctions on France.

The origin of the debate is after France blamed Italy for prohibiting rescue boats carrying migrants in the Mediterranean to dock in Italy. Italy then responded saying the French themselves have refused to accept migrants yet many come from their former colonies.

Twenty one countries in Africa speak French as a main language.

Mr Di Maio, did not apologize for his remarks even after France summoned Italy's ambassador.
His accusations were based on how France manipulates these African economies to use the CFA franc (which is a currency from the colonial-era).

"France is one of those countries that by printing money for 14 African states prevents their economic development and contributes to the fact that the refugees leave and then die in the sea or arrive on our coasts," he said.

"If Europe wants to be brave, it must have the courage to confront the issue of decolonisation in Africa."

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