FAKE! Avoid This Kenya Census Job Advertisement

Criminals are itching to take your money. Unfortunately, they are getting so good that it's even hard to differentiate fake from original. Do not apply for this Kenya Census job advert as it is fake and misleading.

Most of Kenyans must have already received this job advertisement through WhatsApp or other social media;

FAKE! Avoid This Kenya Census Job Advertisement

Red Flag # 1
The pamphlet says " send CV and cover letter to enumerators@knbs.org
Daily Updates can confirm that this is not an official email of the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics.
Their emails end in "or.ke"

Red Flag #2
The ad also asks you to send an email to enumerators.knbs@gmail.com
Please note that government institutions do not use Gmail accounts for their official communications.
Below is how official Government addresses look like;

Red Flag #3
It's also strange for you to send an application to one email address then forward it to another email. This is a SCAM targeted at taking your money.

The Bureau had already warned of fraudsters intending to con gullible Kenyans of their money. Share widely.

Update: The Bureau confirms that the document is fake.

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