NYS Suspect Pays 4 Million Fine And Walks Free

NYS Suspect Pays 4 Million Fine And Walks Free

Kenyans celebrated as one Selisio Karanja walked free, avoiding a 4 year sentence after he paid his 4 million shilling fine. Wait. Of course not. We are angry that a guy who was implicated in the loss of 47.6 million shillings, was asked to pay ten percent of that to the Judiciary. Very easy choice.

When news broke that NYS 1 suspect Selisio Karanja had received a conditional sentence, most Kenyans were angry because this was not a new thing. For some reason, it is now possible to steal a huge amount of money from government, buy the judiciary, then pay a fine and get released.

Most of these suspect hire crooked lawyers who know how to beat the system.

The ordinary Kenyan is left in a dilemma, because theft of public resources has become normalized. Now kids aspire to be politicians and tender-preneurs because academics takes you nowhere.


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NYS Suspect Pays 4 Million Fine And Walks Free

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