Pathologist : Caroline Mwatha Suffered A Very Painful Death

Pathologist : Caroline Mwatha Suffered A Very Painful Death
The pathologist approved by the family of the late Caroline Mwatha says that the activist underwent a very painful death. The post mortem results, that left her husband shaken and disturbed gave details of torturous last few moments for the Dandora based activist.

Dr Ndegwa described the nature of the painful death saying that the analysis showed that the unborn baby was ejected from her uterus into the abdominal cavity. She had excessive bleeding during the procedure that led to her death.

Describing the state of the uterus, he mentioned that the procedure left a very big hole behind her uterus.

Therefore, what have seen is that someone tried to either dismember the foetus or remove some parts. We also found that there were needle puncher marks on the cubital fossa meaning there was some medical intervention.

The report also says that the deceased turned pale due to the severe loss of blood. Furthermore, there were no defensive injuries meaning she was not fighting anyone at the time of her death.

The doctors are now doing toxicology tests to determine what kind of medicine that Ms Mwatha was injected with.

So far 6 people are in police custody aiding with investigations.


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