Size 8's Cringy Valentine's Message To DJ MO. You'll Regret Reading It.

Size 8's Cringy Valentine's Message To DJ MO. You'll Regret Reading It.

The woman who came out to support a man accused of raping and making another lady suicidal sent out a message to her husband so cringy your eyes will hurt when you read it.

Size 8, a gospel artist who had a flourishing career in the secular industry before making a u-turn and marrying DJ Mo while at it, is known to document every aspect of her life on social media.

It will forever be remembered on the streets of Kenyan Instagram that her daughter asked her fans to buy her mum's album. She was only three days old when she sent out that Instagram post.

When Valentine's Day came, it wasn't a surprise that the lady took to Instagram to celebrate her husband but the message shocked even the lowest of standards holders.
Haijalishi kama uko na Mali ama hauna...... Uwe juu ya BIC , katuk tuk ama range rover ......... All you need is genuine love from the one you love. Mr murayas I love you so much. You love me and support me always regardless of anything. You are my joy my heart's delight. We don't need money to enjoy wacha company. My love thank you for standing with me wow the love of my life you are........... Love you @djmokenya #happyvalententinesday #mygiftfromgod❤️ #themurayas

Kenyans have so many questions to ask Size 8 ranging from why she decided to rap in a song and why she ran DK Kwenye Beat's damage control, but the most urgent question she needs to answer at this point is how someone can ride a BIC.


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