G-Money Has Roasted CNN So Bad and They May Never Recover

G-Money Has Roasted CNN So Bad and They May Never Recover

After CNN and major global news outlets beamed a headline that a black leopard had been seen in Africa for the first time in 100 years, the roasting started. First of all, it was the first time a white man had seen it. The locals in Laikipia, Kenya have spotted the wild cat so many times.

Many media outlets screamed of the exciting news and CNN was one of them;

HomeBoyz radio Presenter and DJ, G Money blasted CNN for the falsities in their headline:

 Seen for the first time in a hundred years by a white person” @CNN - Also, I know your mostly white audience in America are sh*t at geography ... but it was seen in a place called Kenya, which is a country in Africa. We even have a US EMBASSY, imagine that.

More Kenyans joined the argument asking why they did not mention Kenya in the headlines.


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