Kenyan Presidency Is A Village Position. Too Small For Raila Odinga

Kenyan Presidency Is A Village Position. Too Small For Raila Odinga

Speaking to Standard Media Group, lawyer and political pundit Karoli Kipchumba says that the Kenyan Presidency is too small for Raila Odinga. He adds that he should not come back into the mud slinging that is Kenyan politics as he is now above it in his respectable AU role.

As the Africa Union High Representative for Infrastructure Development, Raila Odinga has taken up a role that makes him so influential in the continental circles. His presence in the recently concluded AU meeting in Addis Ababa shows that Rao is on another level.

Lawyer Karoli argues that if Raila decides to vie for the presidency in 2022, in the current system, then it will be just like a village position.

The lawyer adds to his argument by saying that Raila's role in the growth in the democracy is immense and cannot be ignored.

If the Constitution structure remains the same, I’ll advise him to play the kingmaker. But if there will be amendments to the Constitution and executive framework, let him try his luck.
It will be belittling [for Raila] to come back and contest in a name-calling campaign, when you’ve risen to his stature in Africa. It will not be advisable for him to come back and fight with the Moses Kuria of this world, engage in the mugoroki campaigns again. He is above them.

Raila Odinga is working to help strengthen departments in the AU and NEPAD. His handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta ended a bitterly contested rivalry after the 2017 elections in which several Kenyans died demonstrating.

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