Offensive Against LSK Cartels Begins In Earnest

Offensive Against LSK Cartels Begins In Earnest

An offensive against the cartels within the Law Society of Kenya has begun, with critics saying everything around the law society needs to be checked. Kenyans were shocked when 4 out every 5 candidates that sat for the bar exams failed.

Trending on Twitter on early Sunday morning, Kenyans asked questions on why the #LSKCartels continue to thrive.

Some of the decision are made via whatsapp ..... via KirutitRono

36 Bloggers trending . What has Allen Waiyaki Gichuhi done that is so repugnant to the cause of the status quo deep state elites who put him in office that he has to be paraded in the public square?

How can 1500 law students fail!, Resiting a single paper is kshs 10,000/= and remarking a single paper is Kshs 15,000/=. CARTELS

When the new Law Society of Kenya leaders were being sworn in they pledged to end the rift between young and veteran lawyers as their first task. Unfortunately things have become even more worse.

Who will free the Law Society of Kenya from its current decay?

Someone running the society like a family property

sources indicate that about 1500 law students fail their exams every session. Resiting a single paper costs a staggering ksh.10,000 and remarking a single paper is Kshs.15,000. Thats quite a figure!

This wrangles of leadership are the ones which will bring down LSK

The society’s president and vice-president said they were looking forward to reunite LSK members. Fun enough betrayal and dissatisfaction among members have become the order of the day!

LSK is such a respected body and its leadership must ensure those standards are maintained.

Last year issued out a code of conduct for its advocates concerning dressing for court, but it seems more yet needs to be done in cleaning out its own profession for it to reclaim its coveted spot as the legal conscience of the country.

on referendum we are being dragged by hair to endorse ,this puts it very clearly. what gov wudnt want you to know. Kenya whose schs, infrastructure are falln apart will pour BILLIONS into an UNNECESSARY referendum

Cartels are Everywhere they care about themselves not the people they are representing

So these people fail the students intentionally to gain the resiting cash alleged to be 10,000 and remarking cash ranging from Kshs.10,000 to Kshs.15000 Somebody scrap them out

How can the Law Society of Kenya merge the Veteran lawyers and upcoming lawyers in Kenya? The leaders promised something concerning this!

Tweets mined from Twitter with reference to the #LSKCartels hashtag.


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