WHAAAAT: Maybe Kabogo Isn't the Father After All (This Is a MUST Read)

WHAAAAT: Maybe Kabogo Isn't the Father After All (This Is a MUST Read)

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then probably it is a duck. No. Former Kiambu Governor has come out to publicly say : This ain't it.

A man has masqueraded as Hon. Kabogo's son for a while now.

He has repeatedly claimed that the politician's wild oats allegedly grew in his mama's compound.

Hon Kabogo denied the charge and called the man an impostor and a fraud.

Posting on Facebook, he asked you to report the man to the nearest police station if you encounter him.

Reports say that the man has been lying to innocent citizens and promising them jobs and connection to the former Kiambu boss.

Tony Kabogo wants riches by association and he chose to use his physical attributes to cheat people and con them.

Have you seen him?


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