NTSA Abandon Andrew Kibe's Nairobi Street Race

NTSA Abandon Andrew Kibe's Nairobi Street Race

All were ready for the Extreme Performance street race to be held at the Moi Stadium Kasarani this weekend. NRG Presenter Andrew Kibe put a poster saying the event was approved by NTSA. Later, NTSA tweeted: Hold my beer.

According to Andrew Kibe, the event would involve intense races that would make the ladies swoon. He wrote:

All went well for a long long time and the post was viewed over 12,000 times.
Everything was set that even the poster included payment details. You can pay by dialling *229*24#.

A ticket was to go for Ksh 1,000 while entry would be free for kids under 12 accompanied by guardians.

The poster shows the NTSA logo.

Then NTSA tweeted:

They effectively dissociated themselves from the event, which leaves the event in limbo as it is not known if it is illegal or not.


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