Daily Updates Spotlight: Interview With Rising Producer Young LJ Alpha

Daily Updates Spotlight: Interview With Rising Producer Young LJ Alpha

In the vast region of Mt Kenya a cutting edge music producer is creating a name for himself and swimming through the murky waters of the industry. Formerly known as Lil Lee Jefferson, LJ Alpha has rebranded perhaps to distance himself from the wild and carefree man his fans knew of.

Young LJ Alpha is among the rising music producers driving Soundcloud artists in the country. Talk was rife in his turf about his decision to seek dark forces to fuel his musical journey and today we ask him what exactly transpired.

We met to talk about his new mixtape Brown Nyatta and other issues surrounding his controversial life.

Young LJ Alpha, thank you for granting us the interview. Congratulations on your new mixtape, tell us about it.
Well, just like the name suggests Brown Nyatta, meaning the brown one thousand Kenya shillings note, its all about going hard in the industry chasing the brown paper, who doesn't love money?

I have listened to the mix tape and it is very versatile I must say. What was the inspiration behind it and how long did it take to create this body of work.
It's been three years working on this craft, three times my PC crashing losing every file,so you just have to start a fresh man, you know, its a pain in the groin.

What genre is this album? I am unable to pin it to a specific style of music. You have produced Dancehall, and gangsta hip-hop before, but it feels like you are leaning towards trap in this project.
Of course i have always gone hard before,been releasing some Dancehall/Reggae but my other fans, were missing a lot and I had to give them a different vibe this time round. For example most of the songs in the mix tape appreciate our ladies and hip-hop is not all about gangster. Hip-hop is Love.

Very few artists can multitask on an album, doing everything from production to writing lyrics and performing, what drives you?
Its a passion. Me without sitting on my desk and messing with the software and the instruments for a day is a pain to to my body. This gives me stress.

You are known to use a lot of auto-tune.
Who said that?

Some pundits in the industry who reviewed this mix-tape and have been following your journey have questioned your ability to sing. While there is general consensus that you are an amazing producer, some voices feel you should stay away from singing.
I do what i like not what they like.

You once turned down an offer from Khaligraph Jones who was seeking to sign you. He is one of the biggest artists in the country. Many would sell their kidneys to get a deal with him, do you regret your decision?
If i did sign the contract probably i would have been 10 years behind in this industry.

Your record label Young Niggas Nation is popular in Mt Kenya, what are your future plans? Are you signing new artists?
YNN is now an international production label, I have produced for so many artists around the world, thanks to the Internet. NO, I am not signing any artist but currently I am working with ONE, so wait and you will see a bomb dropping in Kenya.

There are rumors you have traveled to Tanzania to seek services of witch doctors. Your membership in the Freemasonry is also known. Why?
I don't know what you are talking about.

Are you dating currently? Many have not forgotten the dramatic circumstances under which you dumped your long time girlfriend.
I am focusing my energy on music and my daughter.

How can people seeking your services or collaborations reach you.
Alpha is everywhere,not only in the Mountains but all over the globe. YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, name it. I will always be Young LJ Alpha.

Young LJ Alpha, thank you.
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