Police Boss Who Watched as Sang Invaded Tea Farm Recalled

Police boss who ‘watched’ as Sang invaded tea farm moved

Nandi Police Commander, Thomas Ngeiywa, has been recalled to police headquarters after failing to arrest Nandi County Governor Stephen Sang.
Thomas Ngeiywa was on the spot for disregarding court orders handed down for the arrest and detention of wayward Governor Stephen Sang.

This comes on the back of strained judicio-executive relations in the country.

Sang was first arrested and detained at Kisumu Central Police station for trespassing and destruction of property when he alongside hired goons invaded Kibwari Tea Estate in Nandi Hills and mowed down the crop.
Ngeiywa's fate is yet to be determined with proceedings against him yet to be initiated or confirmed. He will be replaced effectively by Samuel Ole Kine who is posed to swing the glove without fear or favor.

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